Our Story, Mission, and Values

Keep Ohio Beautiful is a non-profit organization that engages volunteers and partners. We work to improve community livability through initiatives that reduce litter, promote recycling, and beautify outdoor spaces.

forest next to a lake in the fall
End Littering
Beautify Communities
Improve Recycling
End Littering
Beautify Communities
Improve Recycling

Our Mission

Empowering Ohio communities to take greater responsibility for improving our local environment through litter prevention, beautification, community greening, waste reduction and recycling.

At Keep Ohio Beautiful, we believe in the power of people to create positive change in their communities. We work with volunteer networks across the state of Ohio and the United States. The goal is to encourage engagement in their neighborhoods. Our affiliates provide the foundation for lifelong involvement and commitment to improving our world.

We are part of a greater network of Keep America Beautiful affiliates that work in partnership to improve the quality of life across the country. Currently, we are a network of 40+ affiliates and growing in the Buckeye state.

Our goal is to engage individuals from all backgrounds in these efforts so that our communities in Ohio can enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment that is safe for people, plants, and animals. We also want to empower individuals and groups to make important changes and take initiative for the environment.

Values & Principles


We empower people and communities with knowledge and resources for sustainability in Ohio. Our belief is that education is key to fostering positive actions and behaviors for community improvement.

Individual Responsibility

Personal responsibility is the foundation for all efforts toward the community environment. From there grows improvement in communities, the environment, and the quality of life. We also help people to embrace leadership opportunities. This helps to further their individual responsibility.

Public-Private Partnerships

With broad community efforts, we connect groups with the resources and networks they need to accomplish their goals. These alliances are the foundation for successful projects and to achieve sustainable Ohio community improvement.

We believe in the power of collaboration to create long-term change. We value diversity within our teams and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels seen and heard.

Volunteer Action

By engaging volunteers, we extend the reach of our educational efforts and multiply the impact of our actions. We understand that every individual has unique skill sets which add to improving the sustainability and environment of communities in Ohio.

Our YEARLY Impact


Pounds of Litter & Debris Collected


Trees, Plants, Shrubs, Flowers, & Bulbs Planted


Pounds of Materials Recycled

Keep Ohio Beautiful Speaker at Event

Our History

Keep Ohio Beautiful was incorporated in 1979, and then in 1986 we became a part of the Keep America Beautiful network of affiliates. Since then, we have certified multiple local affiliates throughout Ohio. We have also partnered with state agencies and Ohio corporations to reduce littering across the state. We launched new initiatives to improve recycling and reduce contamination rates. Additionally, we've hosted community cleanups that have enabled volunteers to make a difference in their neighborhoods.