Working Together to Keep Ohio Clean Our Board of Directors

When it comes to keeping our environment clean, it’s a group effort. Learn more about our board of directors, who are committed to keeping Ohio clean.

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Meet Our Board of Directors in Ohio

At Keep Ohio Beautiful, we are a true community organization. Our board of directors includes individuals from local businesses, nonprofit organizations, government organizations, affiliates, and other professional organizations. This allows us access to all the resources we need to make a real difference. Our board oversees all our initiatives, including our: recycling programs, litter prevention endeavors, waste reduction efforts, and more.

Lora L. Miller - President
Lora L. Miller
Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
Kristen Rinehart - Vice President -
Kristen Rinehart - Vice President
Advanced Drainage Systems
Vince Stasiulewicz - Treasurer
Vince Stasiulewicz
Joel Hunt - Secretary
Joel Hunt
Ohio Department of Transportation
Timothy Bechtold -
Timothy Bechtold
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP
Rachael Carl -
Rachael Carl
Cheryl Daniels -
Cheryl Daniels
Davey Resource Group, Inc. | The Davey Tree Expert Co.
Lindsey Grimm -
Lindsey Grimm
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Jake Heffron -
Jake Heffron
Rumpke Waste and Recycling
Chris Hoffman -
Chris Hoffman
Keep Montgomery County Beautiful
Karen Huey -
Karen Huey
Ohio Department of Public Safety
Cassidy Jenney -
Cassidy Jenney
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Mary Leciejewski -
Mary Leciejewski
The Ohio State University
Matt Mallinak -
Matt Mallinak
Bober Markey Fedorovich
Kimberly McConville, CAE -
Kimberly McConville, CAE
Ohio Beverage Association
Kristy Monk -
Kristy Monk
Rebecca Ruiz -
Rebecca Ruiz
The Wendy's Company
Doug Young -
Doug Young
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Michael Mennett

Executive Director, Keep Ohio Beautiful


P. O. Box 13135 Fairlawn, OH 44334

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