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Empowering Communities, Celebrating Nature, Ensuring Ohio’s FutureKeep Ohio Beautiful

Keep Ohio Beautiful is a local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, focused on improving life for Ohioans by sustaining vibrant communities. Our initiatives reduce litter and increase recycling, while beautifying neighborhoods and fostering community engagement. Join our mission by volunteering, becoming a member, or donating.

End Littering

We strive to reduce the amount of litter on Ohio's streets through initiatives such as education, clean-up campaigns, and public awareness. Littering and illegal dumping are two of the most visible signs of an unhealthy and unclean environment, and we work to eliminate them from our state.

Improve Recycling

We are working to improve recycling in Ohio by providing resources, education, and outreach on the importance of recycling. From initiatives to encourage more people to recycle to providing financial assistance for local recycling programs, we are committed to helping Ohioans make a difference in their communities.

Beautify Communities

We work with local communities to help them make their neighborhoods beautiful and inviting. From removing graffiti to planting trees and flowers, we provide resources and support for local efforts to beautify their surroundings. We also help to create public art displays, hold clean-up events, and promote green initiatives.

loading up tires into a truck to get recycled
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Our Impact

We are dedicated to helping communities enhance their landscapes through tree planting, open space restoration, and green infrastructure. We bring together people of the community from all backgrounds to work toward creating aesthetically pleasing and vibrant neighborhoods.

Cleaner Streets

a couple holding a bag of litter that they cleaned upClean Street with a pedestrian

Safer Sidewalks

downtown clear sidewalk

Increased Local Wildlife

Ohio Cardinal on a birdhouse

Healthier Environment

Sunrise on an Ohio Field

Keep Ohio Beautiful License Plate

Help support Keep Ohio Beautiful by purchasing a license plate. The proceeds will be used to support our mission of beautifying the state and reducing litter.

Support keeping Ohio beautiful

Proceeds from the sale of the Keep Ohio Beautiful specialty license plate make it possible for us to support the many worthwhile programs, events and community volunteers working to make Ohio’s beauty a priority. When you buy a Keep Ohio Beautiful license plate, you’re helping to support important activities such as ending littering, improving recycling, and beautifying communities.


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