State Roadway Cleanup Program
State Roadway Cleanup

What is the State Roadway Cleanup?

Each spring, Keep Ohio Beautiful (KOB) partners with a local KOB affiliate and an Ohio Department of Transportation District to host the State Roadway Cleanup.  This event kicks off KOB’s statewide participation in the Great American Cleanup of Ohio.

Volunteers at the State Roadway Cleanup
Volunteers wear reflective vests and are trained to handle debris safely.

Why does KOB participate in the State Roadway Cleanup?

Litter is misplaced solid waste—blown by wind and traffic and carried by water. It travels until trapped by a curb, building or fence. Once litter has accumulated, it invites people to add more. Much litter comes to rest along roadways. A statewide study conducted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources found that more than 11 thousand tons of litter accumulates on Ohio's roadways each year. On average, ODOT spends more than $4.5 million each year picking up nearly 400,000 bags of trash from highways and interchanges. Through the spring roadway cleanup, KOB volunteers save Ohio taxpayers over $400,000.

Volunteers at the State Roadway Cleanup
Volunteers cleaning on- and off-ramps.

What happens during the State Roadway Cleanup?

  • Volunteers comprised of neighborhood groups, businesses and organizations take to area roadways to pick up thousands of pounds of litter, recyclables and debris.
  • Before they start, volunteers are educated how to safely handle highway debris.
  • The recyclables that are collected by the volunteers are sent to a nearby recycling facility for processing. Incorporating recycling into the event is truly the perfect way to help the environment for future generations.

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